Product Discipline Leadership Program

Leaders at enterprise and government entities are looking for guidance as they navigate their complex challenges and opportunities in using product management principles to influence impactful change at scale with very low risk.  Our coaches expertise in developing product-minded innovation programs and market solutions for government and Fortune100 is precisely the team you need in your corner as the world takes on the post-pandemic world of opportunity.


Innovation Culture


In today's rapidly changing business environment, creating a culture of innovation has become more critical than ever.  With our coaches, you can work with experienced coaches who can help you establish an entrepreneurial culture within your organization that will drive growth and success.

With our experience in all levels of government and business in many jurisdictions and industries, our team can guide you through the process of identifying and developing new and innovative ways to improve your products and services, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and create value for your customers.


Associate Pm Program


The success of your organization depends on having a strong team of product managers who are well-equipped to handle the challenges of the fast-paced business environment.

Our APM program is designed to help leaders introduce and manage new and aspiring product managers.  Your existing or new staff can go through the program and be ready to build a solid foundation in product management and develop the skills and strategies they need to succeed for your business in the immediate term and long term horizons.

Our team of experienced coaches will work closely with your associates to help them learn to manage complex projects, make data-driven decisions, and communicate effectively across teams and departments, while coaching your leadership to manage the program in the future.




Leadership Inventory is a comprehensive coaching program designed to help leaders build tiger team ready leaders, develop antifragility, and prepare their companies for black-swan events.


Our experienced coaches work closely with each leader to identify their unique challenges and goals, and develop a customized plan for achieving them.


Our program is tailored to each individual, ensuring that they receive the guidance and support they need to succeed. With Leadership Inventory, leaders can develop the skills and strategies they need to navigate today's fast-paced business environment, build a team of high-performing individuals, and drive real results for their organization.


cXO Cross-FunctionAL COACH


CPOs at companies of all stages often face a number of challenges related to cross-functional collaboration and communication, including:


Lack of alignment and understanding with other CxO functions
As organizations become more complex and multidisciplinary, it can be challenging for product leaders to understand the roles and responsibilities of their peers in other functions. This can lead to misunderstandings, inefficiencies, and missed opportunities.


Difficulty in managing competing priorities
Different functions may have different goals, priorities, and metrics for success. This can make it difficult for CPOs to effectively manage and coordinate cross-functional initiatives.


Inadequate communication channels
Communication breakdowns can occur when cross-functional teams are not properly aligned, resulting in delays, mistakes, and lost opportunities.


Organizational silos
In some cases, organizations may be siloed by function or department, which can create barriers to effective collaboration and coordination.

Cross-Functional Coaching is a program designed to help leaders build their skills and strategies for influencing company-wide success.


It's specifically targeted towards top-executives and other leaders who need to work effectively across divisional boundaries and partners with a product minded approach and discipline.


The program helps leaders develop the product-business skills they need to build strong relationships, communicate effectively, and drive real results for their organization.


Our experienced coaches work closely with coachees to help them achieve their goals with tailored actionable guidance.