Terms of Service for CPO.ONE Coaching Services

Services Offered

CPO.ONE, owned by Spearstone, Inc., offers live 1:1 coaching sessions for executives and product-minded professionals. The coaching sessions are delivered via online video software, which can be recorded unless otherwise requested by the client. The recordings and any additional content generated during the call, such as notes and reactions, are kept private and only shared with others with the client's express consent.

Commitment and Entitlements

Clients must commit to a minimum of three months of coaching, with a recommended commitment of 12 months. Some agreements may require a 12-month commitment in order to receive certain entitlements, such as third-party software training and usage. Billing occurs monthly, with the option for upfront payment for a term, which may include a discount. Refunds are prorated for any unused portion of a month.

Session Frequency and Scheduling

Clients are entitled to one 1-hour session with their coach per week. While it is encouraged to use every single week, missed sessions may not always be rescheduled. Clients and coaches will collaborate on scheduling to find the best approach for both parties.

Emergency Access

Clients may have direct emergency access to their coach via chat, text, or phone, depending on the agreement between the coach and client. Abuse of this access may negatively impact the coaching relationship.

Materials Provided

CPO.ONE provides materials such as documents, spreadsheets, software tools, and its own software on an as-is basis. Clients are encouraged to seek guidance from their coach on best practices and realistic implementations.

Scheduling and Billing Tools

CPO.ONE uses third-party services, such as Calendly and Stripe, for managing scheduling and billing. These services have their own privacy and security terms.

Coach Selection and Transfers

Clients may be recommended or transferred to another coach if it is believed to be more suitable. This will be discussed and agreed upon by the client.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Clients and coaches will sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement to protect the confidentiality of conversations and shared content. Clients are discouraged from sharing materials without the coach's consent on a case-by-case basis.

Additional Offerings

CPO.ONE may offer additional services such as courses, webinars, fireside chats, and group coaching sessions, but these are not guaranteed and are separate from the 1:1 coaching agreement.

Coach Training and Standards

All coaches are required to be fully trained and previously coached in the CPO.ONE program. They must uphold the standards set forth by the company and adhere to the fundamental beliefs that CPO.ONE is built upon.